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Futuremark Reveals PCMark 10, Coming June 5

The next iteration of Futuremark’s PCMark system benchmarking suite is set to launch in early June. PCMark 10 brings modern workloads to the performance analysis tool.

Intel Skylake-X, Kaby Lake-X Leaks Vs AMD ThreadRipper 'TBD': Fun Summer Ahead

Intel's Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X specifications surface from the rumor mill.

Researchers Bypass Samsung Galaxy S8's Iris Recognition System With A Photo And A Contact...

Chaos Computer Club "hacker" Jan Krissler was able to bypass the Samsung Galaxy S8's iris authentication system with a high-quality photo of an iris and a contact lens emulating the curvature...

Latest 'Dirt 4' Trailer Shows Off Chaotic Rallycross Racing

Race for the finish in the game's fast-paced multi-lap mode.

Celebrating One Year Of 'Overwatch'

Three new maps are available for Arena mode, and you can get new skins and emotes in the Anniversary boxes.

Cooler Master Brings Tempered Glass To Cosmos II Chassis

Tempered glass side panels come with the latest version of the Cosmos II chassis.

State Of Tango, Google I/O 2017

Google is no stranger to ambitious moonshots, but unlike the just announced VR headset, Google Glass, or even Google Home, all of which were designed and sold by Google, Tango relies...

Asus ROG Rolls Out Two Mini-ITX Strix Motherboards

The latest editions to the ROG Strix line of motherboards are both mini-ITX, based on Intel's H270 and B250 chipset respectively.

Corsair’s T1 Race Gaming Chair, Hands (And Back, And Butt) On

Corsair introduced its premiere gaming chair earlier this week, and we took a seat.

LastPass Authenticator Now Easier To Use With Cloud Backup Feature

LastPass Authenticator offers a new cloud backup feature that should make it both more convenient for users to use two-factor authentication, even if they change their phones often.