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Patients Are Experimenting With Ketamine to Treat Depression

Dozens of clinics across the nation are using ketamine—also known as the club drug Special K—to treat depression.

How Worried Should You Be About That 198 Million Voter Data Breach?

When 198 million voter records get exposed on the internet, you've got plenty of reason for concern.

Why Phoenix’s Flights Can’t Take Off in Extreme Heat

Airplanes can't fly because it's too hot? That's crazy. No, not if you understand the science behind it.

Enjoy Jay-Z’s New Album—’4:44′ May Be the Last of Its Kind

Things aren't looking great for albums like '4:44,' which is an exclusive for Tidal and Sprint customers.

OnePlus 5 Review: A Budget Phone That’s Actually Beautiful

The OnePlus 5 comes with class-leading specs, for half the price of an iPhone 7.

Let’s Slice Open Mass MoCA, the Biggest Contemporary Art Museum in the US

A new $65 million renovation makes Mass MoCA the 120,000-square foot gorilla of the contemporary art world.

198 Million Voter Records Exposed in a Common Database Failure

Database security continues to be a major pain point. Just ask the nearly 200 million people whose personal info got left exposed on the internet.

The Supreme Court Just Protected Your Right to Facebook

A registered sex offender has just become the world's most unlikely free speech crusader.